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Buyer’s Guide:

Selecting a Predictive Lead Scoring Solution

Is Your Company Ready for Predictive Lead Scoring?

Predictive Lead Scoring Buyer's Guide Cover

Predictive lead scoring is quickly becoming the weapon of choice for B2B marketers looking to improve conversion and win rates, but selecting the right solution can be confusing. Not all predictive marketing solutions are the same and not every use case makes sense for predictive scoring (contrary to what the technology vendors might tell you).

To ensure you’re making the right investment, we’ve put together The Buyer’s Guide to Predictive Lead Scoring.

Download this guide to learn:

  • How to determine your organization’s readiness for a predictive lead scoring solution

  • Where predictive lead scoring fits in with your existing demand funnel

  • Methods for assessing data security, scalability and impact among different vendors

  • Best practices for ensuring a smooth deployment once a vendor is selected
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About Lattice:

Lattice is pioneering the predictive applications market for marketing and sales. Lattice helps companies grow revenue across the entire customer lifecycle with data-driven marketing and sales applications that make complex data science easy to use. By combining thousands of buying signals with advanced predictive analytics in a suite of secure cloud applications, Lattice helps companies of all sizes to stop guessing and start relying on predictive insights to increase conversion rates and deal sizes by more than three times. Lattice is backed by NEA and Sequoia Capital with headquarters in San Mateo, CA.

For more information, visit, call 877-460-0010, or email

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