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Comparing Predictive Scoring Solutions?

How to Measure Predictive Scoring Quality & Select
the Right Vendor

Comparing Predictive Scoring Vendors

Being able to trust the quality of predictive lead scores is critical for modern marketers looking to replace outdated, rules-based lead scoring systems. But with so many new predictive lead scoring tools to choose from, how can you figure out which one will deliver the best results before committing to the investment?

Before you begin trying different solutions, be sure to download our latest free guide, Cutting Through the Hype: Comparing Predictive Scoring Vendors.

In this guide you’ll learn how to:

  • Determine your readiness for deploying predictive scoring

  • Create training sets of leads for evaluating multiple scoring models

  • Analyze scoring accuracy beyond just examining conversion lift

  • Work with providers to build the best scoring model for your goals

Ready to put predictive lead scoring to the test? Download the guide now.


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About Lattice:

Lattice is pioneering the predictive applications market for marketing and sales. Lattice helps companies grow revenue across the entire customer lifecycle with data-driven marketing and sales applications that make complex data science easy to use. Lattice helps companies of all sizes including Citrix, DocuSign and HireVue to increase conversion rates by more than three times.

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