Lattice Predictability

Decoding Predictive Marketing

An Introductory Guide to Marketing's Next Frontier

Demystify Predictive Marketing & Uncover Your Best Leads

Everyone is talking about predictive analytics these days, but what does it mean for B2B marketers? Download this introductory ebook to guide you through this new world and explore topics like:

  • The wealth of predictive buyer intent hidden in your own
    marketing automation and CRM data

  • The power of scoring at both the contact and account level
    - and how data science makes that possible

  • What to consider when you evaluate predictive applications

  • How predictive models work - no PhD required!

  • Traditional lead scoring's current limitations, and why scoring is the
    right place to start applying the power of predictive analytics

Learn what predictive marketing means for you with our helpful guide!

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About Lattice:

Lattice is pioneering the predictive applications market for marketing and sales. Lattice helps companies grow revenue across the entire customer lifecycle with data-driven marketing and sales applications that make complex data science easy to use. By combining thousands of buying signals with advanced predictive analytics in a suite of secure cloud applications, Lattice helps companies of all sizes including Citrix, DocuSign and HireVue to increase conversion rates by more than three times. Lattice is backed by NEA and Sequoia Capital with headquarters in San Mateo, CA.

For more information, visit, call 877-460-0010, or email

Download the guide now: