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2015 Planning

Is Predictive Scoring Part of Your Marketing Mix?

Everything You Need to Make Predictive Part of Your Marketing Mix in 2015

Predictive Marketing Toolkit

Predictive lead scoring gives marketers the power to pinpoint their next customer and fill in the missing data gaps on their leads.

Download our Predictive Marketing Toolkit to learn more about predictive lead scoring and ensure the best return on your investment. In this toolkit you'll find:

  • Decoding Predictive Marketing - an introductory ebook on the fundamentals of predictive marketing

  • The Predictive Lead Scoring Buyer’s Guide - the essential guide for determining your readiness for predictive lead scoring

  • Case Studies from DocuSign & HireVue - examples of how marketers are lifting conversion and win rates after transitioning from rules-based lead scoring to predictive

Never worry about missing a good lead again! Download the toolkit now.

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About Lattice:

Lattice is pioneering the predictive applications market for marketing and sales. Lattice helps companies grow revenue across the entire customer lifecycle with data-driven marketing and sales applications that make complex data science easy to use. Lattice helps companies of all sizes including Citrix, DocuSign and HireVue to increase conversion rates by more than three times.

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Download the Toolkit: